Boat Hull Cleaning Dubai | Yacht Hull Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE
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As the main body of the yacht, the hull has to be clean, extremely durable and in tiptop working condition. It bears the brunt of harsh marine elements, making it exposed to daily wear and tear. Thus, it must be on top of your list when it comes to yacht maintenance. Remember that in cruising, your safety and convenience are what matter most.

Yacht Hull Cleaning in Dubai

Fuel saving is the main reason for making hull cleaning a vital part of planned maintenance. Did you know that a buildup of marine fouling causes increased drag, which results in a destructive impact on a vessel’s hydrodynamic performance? In turn, this affects the relationship between power performance, speed, and fuel consumption. Fouling, specifically in the case of an abundant buildup of tubeworm or barnacles, can cause cavitation, noise and turbulence, taking a toll on the performance of speed logs, sonars and other hull-mounted sensors.

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