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Our mission to meet the clients' sophisticated requirements and satisfy their thirst for boating excellence. To achieve this, we adhere to the following core values:
• Integrity – We strongly instill in our employees the importance of integrity, hence this is at the heart of our corporate actions.
• Teamwork – We believe that teamwork is the key element to success and excellence. Our dynamic work environment and passionate team of experts work smart and hard to deliver the best results at the designated timeframe.
• Outstanding Service – We take pride in our unrivalled expertise and passion for excellent customer service. With the combined experience and skills of our team, we set high standards for the quality of our services.

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We are propelled by vision to be recognized both in the GCC and in the international market and are driven by passion to take every yachting adventure into a new dimension by offering topnotch boat maintenance solutions. Our commitment lies in three different areas:

Convenience – A glitch-free voyage is on top of our priority, so we put great attention to detail specifically in the yacht interior to ensure that every part is in tiptop working condition.

Comfort – We believe that a safe ride is a comfortable ride. Hence, we ensure that the boat’s interior looks good, smells good and feels good.

Luxury – Cruising should have a touch of luxury in its purest form. This is our forte and where we aim to establish our name in the maritime industry. We bring out the best in every yacht we service.

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