Yacht Maintenance | Marine Services | Yacht Refurbishment in Dubai, UAE
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Cleaning Services

One of the factors characterizing luxury is cleanliness. This is why every part of your yacht must be clean and look its best. Building on our expertise and mission to provide our clients with the highest level of satisfaction when it comes to their cleaning and maintenance needs, we ensure that our services will bring out the best in both the interior and exterior of your prized possession.



Mechanical Services

As the powerhouse of the yacht, the mechanical system can make or break its performance. This is why it must always be in excellent working condition. Your fun and safety before, during and after the cruise is our top priority. Hence, we offer a complete line of mechanical services such as troubleshooting, engine repair, fuel system repair, oil service, as well as propellers and shaft alignment.



Electrical Services

Electrical systems bring your yacht to life and keep it running smoothly. It is our quest to give you a hassle-free sailing adventure through ensuring that these systems work perfectly. Hence, whether you are in the galley or saloon, you are rest assured to experience nothing but pure comfort and convenience.



Teak Wood Repair and Replacement

The deck is the best place in the yacht to experience peace, relaxation and serenity. However, given that they bear the brunt of the elements, they can instantly show signs of weathering. This is prevalent in the Middle East where the temperatures can rise to 50°C. Thus, regular and proper care for this part of the yacht must not be neglected, or else, it will turn into a nightmare.



Hull Polishing

Yellow stains are a common sight on fiberglass boats, which when neglected can leave the surface looking cloudy, dull and shabby. The good news is that though hull and handrail oxidation cannot be prevented, it can be cleaned off with thorough scrubbing using high quality cleaning solutions. After this, a high quality, protective marine wax is applied on the surface to restore its luster.



Fiberglass Works

The hull is comfortable in the water and always half in the shade, but for the deck, it’s a completely different story. It bears the brunt of the elements such as the sun and pollution. What’s more, it is embowelled by openings, pried by stanchion and cleat, as well as pierced by hardware.



Hull Body Paint

Yachts reflect the personality of their owner. This is why it is important to keep an eye on how your yacht looks both in the interior and exterior. If the hull body has already become dull, it should be given a luxurious makeover. Just a small chip, scratch, or ding can compromise the paint and subject it, and ultimately, the metal to degradation. This then results in the ever-unsightly blisters, which does not only stay under the scratch or ding, but spreads beneath the paint, eventually eating the composite. And here’s the bad news: blisters are more difficult to repair than the paint, hence taking a toll on the yacht’s resale value. This is why it is critical to quickly and competently fix damage to the paint.



Anti Fouling

Regular and proper antifouling is one of the most essential aspects of boat maintenance, irrespective of the material the hull is made from. On a glass fiber or steel boat, the antifouling marine paint will help safeguard against osmosis or rust as well as help maintain your prized possession’s performance. It does this by simply getting rid of barnacles and other marine plants and animals sticking to the hull. Particularly, crustaceans can radically reduce your yacht’s performance, while at the same time increasing its fuel consumption by creating drag in the water. In time, even algae growth can have a similar effect.



Customized Yacht Supply

Make your saloon your room away from home by giving it a cozy, pleasant ambiance. Apart from ensuring your safety and enjoyment each time you go on a cruise, we also ensure that you will experience supreme relaxation and a goodnight’s sleep.



Interior Designing

Plain and simple can sometimes be bland and boring, so it is only right to add some color and life to the yacht interiors without compromising its elegance.