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Yacht Fiberglass Repair Dubai

The hull is comfortable in the water and always half in the shade, but for the deck, it’s a completely different story. It bears the brunt of the elements such as the sun and pollution. What’s more, it is embowelled by openings, pried by stanchion and cleat, as well as pierced by hardware.

This is why deck repair is more complex than hull repair. While the hull’s surface is uniformly curved or flat and featureless, a deck features a landscape of angles, corners, textures and curvatures. Often, damage extends under deck-mounted hardware; access to the backside may be inhibited by a moulded headliners; and to give stiffness without weight, a core is involved in deck construction.

These issues call for the expertise of professionals, and that is what we are here for.  Whether you need a professional deck repair or gelcoat repair service, we are the leading company in Dubai you can count on. Call +971 4 321 0121 / 052 603 5458 or contact us now