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Yacht Hull Polishing Dubai

Yellow stains are a common sight on fiberglass boats, which when neglected can leave the surface looking cloudy, dull and shabby. The good news is that though hull and handrail oxidation cannot be prevented, it can be cleaned off with thorough scrubbing using high quality cleaning solutions. After this, a high quality, protective marine wax is applied on the surface to restore its luster.

Some yacht owners prefer to do this on their own in a goal to save money, not realizing it does more harm than good in the long run. Hence, it is still better to seek help from professionals in Dubai as they have the expertise and knowledge on how to give the hull and handrails a luxurious shine. Here at SEMSEM, that is one of our core missions. Call +971 4 321 0121 / 052 603 5458 or contact us now