Yacht Teak Wood Repair and Replacement - Yacht Repair Dubai, UAE
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Yacht Teak Wood Repair and Replacement in Dubai, UAE

The deck is the best place in the yacht to experience peace, relaxation and serenity. However, given that they bear the brunt of the elements, they can instantly show signs of weathering. This is prevalent in the Middle East where the temperatures can rise to 50°C. Thus, regular and proper care for this part of the yacht must not be neglected, or else, it will turn into a nightmare.

We understand the importance of having fun with family and friends in a relaxing spot on the water. This is why we offer high-caliber deck services, including deck sanding, deck caulking, as well as teak wood repair and replacement to ensure that your deck not only looks nice, but safe. Our deck repair handymen in the UAE initially inspect it to know the level of the damage and execute the necessary repairs. Utilizing high quality tools and equipment, we ensure the best results with efficiency.

With us, your yacht’s teak wood is in good hands.  Call +971 4 321 0121 / 052 603 5458 or contact us now